Watersports Kelowna Flyboard Rentals in Okanagan BC

If you want to experience a rise in adrenaline levels, you should consider trying the flyboarding water sport. To participate in this sport, you will need to have a hoverboard to use on the water. All you need to do is attach the board on your watercraft, and climb the board. You can then enjoy the feeling of water rushing beneath your legs. The flyboard can propel you upwards to about 49 feet in the air. You can also decide to dive into the water surface, which is up about eight feet in depth. Kelowna Flyboard Rentals is among the recently launched watersports that allow you to have an out of this world experience.

The board contains two boots that you will have to attach on your feet. These boots are similar to using a snowboard. The board’s most crucial component is the hose that connects to the jetpack’s exit. The board will have water pumping out beneath your feet. This water provides the necessary thrusts that propel you in the air and maintains you there.

Flyboarding in the UK

If you are in the United Kingdom, you can visit the Okanagan Lake in Canada. Fly- boarding at Okanagan has been around since 2013. The Kelowna destination is family-owned, and about 3000 people have had the chance to enjoy experience at this place. If you want to visit for a day or two, you can comfortably stay at one of their safe and comfortable rentals. Learning how to flyboard is quite a fun and natural activity, and even beginners will look like professionals in less than five minutes.

What it takes to try a new watersport

While flyboarding, you will have to hop into a board, which attaches to your watercraft. This board can propel you to very high levels, and you can also choose to dive inside the water. The jetpack which controls the board gets its power from the throttle. An excellent and professional instructor will always monitor your movements. They will manage the thrusts of your board using a hydrofly, as you begin to adjust to the water currents. With an expert on your side, you will feel safe and quite comfortable. If you get tired on the board, you can easily catch some rests, which is safe.

If you have taken a trip to enjoy the water sporting experience at Okanagan Lake, you will have a personal floatation device and a helmet given to you for extra safety. The helmet protects your head from injury and protects your ears from damage due to the water currents. Since 2012, there have been several competitions and championships, and since then, these competitions have become quite popular, and many people have become attracted to the sport. Movies have also taken a keen interest in the watersport, and according to statistics, more people will be participating.

You will find out how easy it is to learn this sport. With a good teacher, you will be able to operate the board on your own within five minutes. You will then be ready for takeoff within another thirty minutes, and you will not want to stop. As you become an expert, you will also learn various ways to use and control the board. You will be able to dive underwater, spin the board on the water, and so much more.


Fly-boarding might be a new water sport, but it is definitely worth the try. You will be able to find out how safe and fun it gets. You can take some of your friends to enjoy a Kelowna experience, and this will add to the excitement.

The Kelowna Flyboard Rental Experience

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